Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Truth About IncFortune And

IncFortune is a corporation that helps expectant entrepreneurs achieve their money goals using their sophisticated online marketing techniques. The director and founder behind IncFortune have been in the web industry since 2001.

What a large amount of folk are looking for,from any Web training and coaching company like IncFortune, is a track record of having the ability to successfully help people and companies just like them achieve larger results on the internet. They're many things that IncFortune does to guarantee their customers success. One of the most vital methods, is they use coaches that have experienced financial success using the Net themselves. This is vital because many training firms have folks that are ill-equipped to help anybody achieve any sort of success with online marketing.

A lot of the people that are with the company now have been there since the beginning. They have also been in the same place that their scholars have been. So due to their experience, and also knowing where their scholars have come from, they're ready to hook up with the scholars to assist them in achieving their goals.

What IncFortune also focuses on is being ready to listen to their customers wants and make a step by step system that they can follow to start achieving the results that they are searching for. These step by step roadmaps include websites, web graphics, exclusive traffic sources, and plenty of other tools that they have developed. The most vital thing about IncFortune is that the owners of the company are always listening to what their customers need the most. They make certain that they have products and training that are in accordance with what their customers truly need to achieve success.

They also are not scared to tell their customers the truth because with any business it takes effort and consistency to become successful. When beginning a web business that's vital that you pay close attention to the details put in the time and watch as your results start to multiply. IncFortune is extraordinarily capable of helping you achieve all your goals with your business.


  1. Incfortune Success is not a guarantee its more of increasing your chances in making money online, especially if you have no idea how to approach an online affiliate web business. The personal assistance is there as is the training materials. Its like a weight instructor that helps with weightloss, diet and excercise. It will only work if you do the work.

  2. Untold people have done the work for a long time with little result using IncFortune's methods. Of course there's no guarantee. So why do your sales team continue to lie about your 100% success rate? Why do you say that you take no responsibility for what the sales people lie about? Why is your "support" so non-responsive? Why are there hundreds of complaints about PushTraffic & IncFortune and Raygoza. If you are so sure about your methods then why do you state that refunds (if any) are only 15% of investment. You guys are a sham. No need to say who I am.

  3. IncFortune does not live up to its promotional hype. It does not keep commitments nor is trustworthy in providing assistance and counselling as promised. The founders may truly be millionaiers but their performance in dealing with newbie's and REALLY providing assistance that will help them be successful is seriously questioned. I would agree that they are a sham. JKB.

  4. Newbie or not
    IncFortune is NOT what they claim to be, they make a lot of promises and use a lot of hype, but in the end you are left with only a big hole in your pockets. How can ou stay in business so long? You are very unfair to the business community and people in general. You do not even answer your phone if you want assistance. This is a complete sham beginning to end.

  5. IncFortune is a big scam. The way of working is illegal and all are criminal activities. Never believe any of their so called coaches. They steel money from your credit card without any permission. They also never tell you the price of their product and what you will get in return for that price. In telephone calls they use the words TRUST. But they are just a group of internet criminals. Never, never do any business with them.

  6. Do not do any so called business with this bullshit company!
    I invested thousands of dollars four and a half months ago and still have no business dealings. I hope the someone meets a fiery death and rots in hell!! Scam Artists!

  7. My father is 86 years old. He saw (Parent company IncFortune - affiliated companies- JUMPLAUNCH, or YOURAFFILIATESUCCESS) and he signed up and paid for their $46 "ebook" salesletter. A few days later he gets a phone from those a--h---- at Incfortune and they promise to teach him internet marketing and they say they'll fly him down to Los Angeles for his $30,000 investment. When my Father tells the crook that he's too old to fly down to LA for "training" the crook at Incfortune tells my father that Infortune will send someone up to Vancouver Canada to teach my 86 year old Father how to set up and run an internet business. The Incfortune crooks had managed to get my father to reveal his 4 credit card numbers to them. Incfortune crooks email my Father a contract and ask him to sign and email it back. In the meantime my Father calls me and asks me to look over the contract. I tell my Father that Incfortune are not legit and to not sign the contract. He did not agree to their contract. A couple of hours later the Credit Card security dept phones my Father and tells him that Incfortune has charged his credit card with $13,000 on one card, $12,875 on another and $2,500 on another and $1002 on another card. Incfortune also tried to charge his other card up to 7 times in the amount of $1,000 - $2,000 each (which were declined since the had already maxed out his cards. May the John Raygoza (the owner of the Incfortune), Bruce Knight, R Williams, Laney and whoever else is involved with the Scam that is Incfortune, JUMPLAUNCH, or YOURAFFILIATESUCCESS go to prison and become some dudes "b----" and then they die and rot in Hell for ripping off people.

  8. This is a caution notice to anyone searching for information about John Paul Raygoza, Ted Molina, David Sipes and or any of Raygoza's companies, that a civil suit on behalf of 37+ plaintiffs was filed in United States District Court, Northern District of California on July 2, 2010. The suit is for damages on 6 separate complaints, including fraud, false advertising and RICO.